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Randall Harris has traveled the world speaking to more than 150,000 students in over 15 countries. He has traveled across the country and abroad to such as South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania, Kenya and India. Mr. Harris is a gold medalist and owns both National and World Championship titles in powerlifting and is currently an elite competitor in powerlifting, making him one of the strongest ALL NATURAL DRUG FREE athletes in the world. 

Mr. Harris has been featured in the documentary in the sport of powerlifting called Power Unlimited as one of the elite strength athletes. Randall Harris is 3 time World Champion, 2 time Pan American, 4 time National Champion and has recently won the Arnold Schwtzenegger Classic in Columbus Ohio in 2011. 
Randall also excelled as a student athlete graduating a degree in Economics from the University of North Texas. Where he played football as an offensive lineman and was the strongest athlete in the school’s history. Randall can squat 904lbs, bench press 705lbs, and deadlift 843lbs with his best overall total in a competition being 2320lbs.

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