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Laura Gallier is an author and speaker with a life story and communication style that inspires students across the nation. As a twenty-year-old college student and dance team member, Laura experienced the shock of a lifetime—an unplanned pregnancy. After dropping out of school and rushing to get married, she soon suffered the pain of divorce and the reality of single motherhood.

It was at this all-time low that Laura finally understood: God is a loving, forgiving God, and His biblical instructions are for our protection.

Laura’s life mission became to know and love God and make His love known, especially to young people. Her passionate call to write and speak began in 2008 with an emphasis on sexual integrity, a platform she continues to advocate today. She also addresses broader issues of faith, partnering with USAYO, FCA and other national organizations to present engaging Gospel messages to students from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  

In addition to her non-fiction resources, Laura is the author of The Delusion, a thrilling novel series that reveals eye-opening truths through page-turning entertainment, published by Tyndale House. She has been a guest on TV, radio and podcast programs around the world and frequently travels and speaks while maintaining her top priority—being a wife and mother of three in Houston, Texas.  

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