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Shawn Harper is a former NFL offensive lineman who played a total of

seven seasons with the Rams, the Oilers, the Colts, and NFL Europe. Since 2004

he has owned and operated American Services and Protection, a growing multi-

million-dollar security services firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. He uses

many of the powerful lessons he learned in the NFL and strategically applies

them in running his company.

As a gifted national motivational speaker and author, Shawn Harper has

inspired countless individuals and corporations such as Dow Chemical,

Northwest Mutual, Beach Body, and Goodwill Industries to “PLAY TO WIN” by

harnessing the vision, mindset, strategies, and teamwork needed to rise to their

highest potential. His book, “The Winning Edge” outlines his personal story of

overcoming many obstacles to realize his purpose and manifest his dreams.

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