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Scott Carter knows a few things…

Scott knows SPORTS!… A former college basketball player and coach, Scott has served on staff with, both, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and SportsWorld Ministries. Through these platforms, Scott has had the opportunity to speak to athletes, coaches, and teams on every level from professional to grade school… And though he no longer plays or coaches competitively, he speaks with the same great passion and intensity that he played and coached with. In other words, watch out if you’re on the front row at one of his events. It can get wild! 


Scott knows MUSIC!… As a long-time tour evangelist, Scott has had the privilege of serving with some of the industry’s top Christian artists and sharing the gospel at many of their concerts… Along with that, he also plays an awesome air guitar and loves to sing in the shower! 


Scott knows YOUTH!… Along with doing sports ministry and being an evangelist, Scott is also a veteran youth pastor and high school teacher who loves students, has a huge heart for this generation, and a God-given ability to connect with them… And even though he’s now a grandfather, Scott just might be the world’s oldest teenager! 


Scott knows FAMILY!… Married to his high school sweetheart, Michelle, for over 30 years, they have four children (Drew, Savannah, Eli, and Bo) and two grandchildren (Bella and Lizzie)… As you can imagine, with such a large family, Scott’s life stays crazy busy. So, if you’re looking for him, don’t go to his house. You’ll probably find him at a church, a school, a ballgame, or on the road in between! 


Scott knows JESUS!… As a teenager battling severe anxiety and depression, Scott attempted suicide and spent six months in a behavioral health facility. During this time, Scott realized that only Jesus could save, heal, and restore him. He cried out to Jesus and his prayers were answered. Since then, Scott has walked victoriously through many trials and much adversity including a brain aneurysm resulting in a massive stroke, as well as his youngest son, Bo’s, and oldest granddaughter, Bella’s, battles with childhood cancer… Jesus has been faithful through it all.


A veteran evangelist, for over three decades, Scott has traveled, all over the country and spoken in every type of venue, telling others about the life-changing power of the gospel… and people don’t fall asleep when he speaks! 


Despite knowing all of this, Scott knows most that EVERYTHING GOOD ABOUT HIM IS BECAUSE OF JESUS! 

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