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"Mighty Ruthie" is respected around the globe not only for her skills on the court but for motivating, energizing and engaging audiences, drawing on her rich life experience: as a former professional basketball player, author, educator and lifelong advocate for women.


She is an original franchise player for the WNBA's Sacramento Monarchs. She has scored over 2000 career points, she is 4th on the WNBA's all-time 3-pointer list, and she is the only player in the history of the Monarchs to have her number retired. She is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a USA Basketball Female of the Year, the Sports Illustrated Best Woman Athlete by home state, and one of only four players to be named to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Ruthie was the WNBA's first National Spokeswoman for youth development program "Play Fit/ Stay Fit."


She had no idea her years as a 1st Lieutenant in the Army and professional basketball player, combined with her love of the stage, would prepare her for something she really could get excited about-empowering others especially women and girls. After escaping an abusive marriage, she now travels around the world and shares her story in hopes of preventing abuse of other women. As an expert on transformation, showing others how to turn traumatic situations into an opportunity to renew and transform yourself. Her practical teachings, help others how to deal with trials and tribulations, turn them around and grow from them. More than anything, Ruthie is honest and real - so much that her audiences quickly connect with her as if she were speaking personally to each one of them. Her viewpoint is to use your gifts to serve other: to inspire others to let their light shine and perform at their best. As she often says "If I am only remembered for being a basketball player, I believe that I will have failed in my job on this planet."


As a speaker, Ruthie addresses business, associational, and social groups, women's groups, churches, and schools. Ruthie speaks at both large and small gatherings and will tailor topics to your specific audience.


In addition to domestically and internationally speaking, Ruthie is the author of two books. "The Ride of a Lifetime" and "From Pain to Power"; she is also the co-creator of an education enrichment program called "Aim High," designed to empower girls from ages 8-15. Over 56

educational institutes throughout the world have implemented her curriculum.

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