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Oscar Jesus Cantu from Kingsville, Texas. Oscar, also known as “Lil Oscar”.


Oscar lived the majority of his life participating in boxing, both amateur and professionally. At the age

of 8 years old Oscar put on his first pair of boxing trunks W.W.J.D. and would continue through his

career, because that was the message he needed to share. When Oscar won his first national title at 12

years old he knew that he wanted to pursue this sport but give God all the honor and glory and got

baptized at 13 years old. As an amateur he won several of National Titles and ended his amateur career

as an alternate for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team for the London Games. As a professional, Lil

Oscar retired with a record of 16-2 and proudly was known as “God’s Humble Champion”. The bible

verse Romans 1:16 was the foundation of the professional career, never being ashamed of what Christ is

and has done. He won the following titles during his professional career; Jr. NABF Champion, 2 x NABF

Champion, WBC USNBC Champion, WBC Youth Intercontinental Champion, ABF Champion and was

awarded the Title of WBC Honorary World Champion during his retirement. Oscar retired from boxing

at the age of 30 due to medical issues. Oscars biggest fight was when he was the Main Event in Las

Vegas fighting against Aston Palicte which was televised around the world. During the fight the

commentators spoke about how Oscar gives God the glory and why he wears W.W.J.D. Oscar ended up

losing a split decision but says “ It was a loss on my record but a victory for God with the commentators

sharing my unashamed life for God to the world!”

Oscar graduated from Stark Seminary College in 2018. Oscar is currently working for the Fellowship of

Christian Athletes as an Ambassador in South Texas. He is also the Youth Pastor at the First Baptist

Church in Bishop, Texas. Oscar serves as the Team Chaplain for several Collegiate Sports. He is also a

proud to be an Ambassador for the WBC which allows him to speak to different groups about the work

the WBC is doing in different communities.

Lil Oscar has been a Motivational Speaker throughout his adult life speaking to different levels of groups

from Elementary Students, High School Students, College Students and to various other groups as

needed. Oscar especially enjoys sharing his “Shoot for the Moon” “Be a Hero” and Red Ribbon Week


In addition, Lil Oscar has been awarded several proclamations from the City and County and has also

been recognized by State Congressman for his work in the community.


Oscar loves to spend his free time traveling with his wife, Nicole Cantu and son Jaime Cantu.

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