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Nate is a Well Rounded Warrior who operates as a pro athlete, adventurer, engineer, and mission worker. He's traveled to over 35 countries on 5 continents, and lived abroad as an expat in Africa and in Norway (Europe). He is "PassioNate" about life. His love for people, for his family, and his faith in Jesus Christ are the reasons why he lives to make a difference in the world through serving in international missions. He's been in Haiti and Uganda working in orphanages, in Cuba and Nicaragua providing safe drinking water, and in the Dominican helping in medical clinics.


Nate is a 7 season American Ninja Warrior competitor, and a 3 time National Finalist. He was rejected in his first 2 years of applying to the show, but finally accepted on the 3rd attept. After fighting through 3 season ending injuries, he had the 2019 Run of the Year, after beating one of the toughest finals courses while battling through severe dehydration from food poisoning and several prior injuries. In college, he suffered a life altering severe burn injury on his legs, which left him in the hospital critical care unit for almost a month. The injury ended his dream of playing American Football, but it deepened his faith in God, and later gave him the perseverance to pursue competing as a ninja warrior athlete.  


In 2020, Nate became the Grand Champion of Exatlón USA - world's toughest reality tv athletic competition, which lasted over 7 months in a remote part of the Dominican Republic. 


He's been viewed by over 10 million people across 3 different TV networks, and tens of  thousands during live events.


He goes by the motto No Limits Nate, because he believes there is No Limit to what God can do through a life fully submitted to God!


Nate's other hobbies include motorcycle riding, extreme sports, leading worship at his church by singing and playing the guitar, and having fun with his 3 roommates. He credits his athletic ability to his father, and competitive nature from his father and 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He is also a motivational speaker and preacher.

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