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Daniel Nalley is a national evangelist and the visionary founder of Gospel Encounter Missions. With an unwavering passion for spreading the message of Jesus throughout the heart of America, Daniel's influence extends from college campuses to citywide outreaches. He travels the nation, captivating audiences at outreaches, conferences, and churches with his dynamic presentations that either share the gospel or empower others to do the same.


In his personal life, Daniel is a devoted husband of eleven years to his beloved wife, Shauna. Together, they nurture a loving family with two precious children: nine-year-old son Brandt and five-year-old daughter Sonnie. Transitioning from a decade of pastoral ministry, the Nalleys embarked on their official journey as US missionaries in 2019, marking a new chapter in their impactful ministry.


Under the banner of Gospel Encounter, Daniel and his team have witnessed a multitude of salvations as a result of their fervent evangelistic efforts. Daniel's academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Bible and Theology from Bridges Christian College, complementing his profound understanding of faith and ministry. He serves on the board of several non profit ministries offering his skills of strategic planning and big picture oversight. 


An accomplished author, Daniel has penned three enlightening apologetics Christian children's books—Wesley and Creation, Charlie the Fox, and The Little Philosopher—that have sparked critical thinking and exploration of faith among countless young minds. Thousands of copies have been sold and distributed at outreaches around the nation.


An active member of the Global Network of Evangelists, Daniel's commitment to excellence is evident through his completion of the Pulse 100 evangelist equipping program with Nick Hall and his recent graduation from Reid Saunders Global Training Center for Evangelism. Not content with personal growth alone, Daniel and his dedicated team spearhead a transformative missional internship program, equipping and empowering young adults to deepen their relationship with Jesus and boldly proclaim His message to the world.

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